Aaina Duggal is a triple-qualified attorney licensed in California, New York, and India. She has diverse litigation experience across jurisdictions.

In her school and early university years, Aaina earned many accolades in the field of writing, and also served as a student correspondent for the Times of India.

In her final year of law school, Aaina received a pre-placement offer from J. Sagar Associates, one of the most reputable law firms in India, where she worked under the direct mentorship of Mr. Anupam Varma, one of the finest legal minds in India.

Subsequently, she moved to New York to pursue a Master’s degree, and thereafter, acquired extensive civil litigation experience in New York. Recently, she taught a seminar course on Negotiation at the Indian Law Institute.

At Strategic Legal Practices, Aaina focuses her legal efforts towards consumer protection.

Aaina is passionate about the spread of education, and has volunteered many hours teaching underprivileged children in Delhi and rural Pondicherry. Outside of the office, she enjoys the outdoors, reading, writing, badminton, yoga, cooking, and chess.